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Ningbo Siyi Fastener Co. Ltd. was established in 2007, covers an area of 4800 square meters, with a construction area of 3680 square meters. The company was specialized in developing and manufacturing wedge anchors, drop-in anchors. hit anchors, coupling nuts, sleeve anchors, tie wire anchors, bolt anchors, cut anchors, and other expansion anchor bolts. The factory is located in Ningbo City, China, with about 60 employees.

Not only a product provider, but a service offer is what Siyi defines itself. One-stop service of all anchor products and fasteners, with excellent export experience to serve all the clients over the world. Currently, 90% of the products are sold to the overseas market with OEM & ODM service.

Siyi tries its best to do in good quality products, high competitiveness, and flexible business type to cooperate with customers and win-win together.

Our History

¨ Established 2007, starting production of carbon steel truck repairing
¨ In 2010, exports began to provide OEM services.
¨ In 2010, the annual output reached 1 million, and the annual sales of 10 million people were sold.
¨ In 2012, it began to develop stainless steel forced gecko and car repairing gecko and put production, equipped with 20 fully automatic lathes.
¨ In 2017, the new plant was completed, and the company was renamed as Siyi Hardware. 

Product Application

Products are mainly used in architecture, decoration, mechanical engineering, etc.

Our Certificate

CE, ISO9000

Production Equipment

5 sets of cold heading machine, 30 automatic machine beds, 6 automatic silk machine, 2 drilling machines and 1 cleaning equipment.

Production Market

Mainly in Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, South America, with an annual export volume exceeded 2 million US dollars.

Our service

Recommend appropriate products and offer quotes for customers' needs.After signing the contract, the production shall be carried out according to the contract, and the delivery is delivered on time and arranges shipping logistics shipments.Provide assessment and solutions for after-sales issues.

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